DB Solutions is a global provider of turnkey sports betting kiosk solutions, with an automated, self-service Sportsbook via our DB eSportsbet Kiosk. You’ll be able to get your turnkey DB eSports Kiosk up and running in no time, generating new revenues almost overnight!

DB Solutions can set up a white-label service under your facility’s name, while providing the risk management behind the scenes. No hassles of expensive back-end servers and software, while also having the ongoing cost of staffing a sportsbook.

DB Solutions Betting Kiosks are worldwide
Branded Solutions

20+ years; generous revenue share; investment as low as $0

World Wide

Industry leading technology operated by largest sports betting companies


Fully supported by off site management team


Touch screen kiosks modern and timeless design


The DB eSportsbet Kiosk is the perfect solution for any operator looking to automate its Sportsbook quickly, and accept real time wagering 24/7.

Our kiosk is extremely efficient and effective for any size casino, race track or sports and entertainment facility, including those with smaller budgets, limited space and/or personnel.


Why Sports Betting and the DB eSportsbet Kiosk System

With the DB eSportsbet Kiosk, it’s important to understand that this is not a typical sportsbook solution: it’s a complimentary RETAIL solution. Casinos and other sports and entertainment facilities can now can increase their revenues by placing the DB eSportsbet Kiosks in well-traveled areas of their facility.

Furthermore, you’ll appeal to the casual bettor, in not having to deal with ‘wise guy’ action. You’ll also cater to your own local demand, while at the same time attracting new crossover casino players or facility clientele.

What We Offer!

Modern touch screen self-serve betting terminals with multi-language capabilities, industry leading technology, and equipment currently used by some of the world’s largest sports betting companies

Tomorrow’s Technology, Today.

  • Largest selection of daily/weekly/monthly sporting events
  • 15,000+ LIVE in-game betting events each month
  • Branded solution with 20+ years in the sports betting industry
  • Generous revenue share opportunity with as much or as little risk
  • Flexible partnership terms
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With flexible terms and minimal investment, learn more about us and how we can work together

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